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Radius 96-Well Cell Migration Assay

Product Code: CBA-126

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

Radius 96-Well Cell Migration Assay

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Shipping Temp:

Room Temp

Storage Temp:

Upon receipt, aliquot and store the Radius Gel Removal Solution and DAPi Fluorescence Stain at -20C (avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles), and transfer the Fixation Solution to 4C. All other kit components should be stored at room temperature until the kitメs expiration date.


The Radius Cell Migration Assay provides a unique alternative to conventional cell migration assays using the Boyden chamber. Unlike Boyden chamber assays which may only be analyzed at endpoint, the Radius assay uses a proprietary cell culture plate containing a carefully-defined biocompatible hydrogel (Radius gel) spot centralized at the bottom of each well. When cells are seeded in the well, they will attach everywhere except on the Radius gel, creating a cell-free zone. Following cell seeding the Radius gel is removed, allowing migratory cells to move across the area and close the gap.


1. Proprietary biocompatible hydrogel creates a circular area across which cells may migrate following gel removal

2. Versatile plate format allows use with cells of any size, no need to worry about selecting cell culture inserts with the proper pore size

3. Allows qualitative, quantitative, endpoint or real-time analysis

4. Adaptable to liquid handling equipment and HCS instrumentation

Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller Cell Biolabs
Herstellerland USA
Sensitivity NA
Specific Against other
Antigen Name NA
Detection Range NA
Referenz NA
Alias NA


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