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Mouse VIP EasyTestTM competitive ELISA kit

Product Code: BAS-2020002

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

Mouse VIP EasyTestTM competitive ELISA kit

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Mouse VIP EasyTestTM competitive ELISA kit


BioAim Scientific (Kanada)

short description

The BioAim mouse VIP EasyTestTM Competitive ELISA kit can quantitatively measure VIP in mouse serum or plasma. Other matrices, such as urine and tissue, may be suitable but have not been validated. It is a simple and rapid technology for the quantitation of antigen in a range of sample matrices. The whole process takes 2 hours with high accuracy and precision.
Research Area Peptide hormone;

specific against


detection target

vasoactive intestinal peptide(VIP)
Background: Vasoactive intestinal peptide also known as VIP is a peptide hormone containing 28 amino acid residues. VIP is neuropeptide that belongs to a glucagon/secretin superfamily, the ligand of class II G protein-coupled receptors. VIP is produced in many tissues of vertebrates including the gut, pancreas, and suprachiasmatic nuclei of the hypothalamus in the brain. With respect to the digestive system, VIP seems to induce smooth muscle relaxation (lower esophageal sphincter, stomach, and gallbladder), stimulate secretion of water into pancreatic juice and bile, and cause inhibition of gastric acid secretion and absorption from the intestinal lumen. Its role in the intestine is to greatly stimulate secretion of water and electrolytes, as well as stimulating contraction of enteric smooth muscle, dilating peripheral blood vessels, stimulating pancreatic bicarbonate secretion, and inhibiting gastrin stimulated gastric acid secretion. These effects work together to increase motility. It also has the function of stimulating pepsinogen secretion by chief cells. VIP helps to regulate prolactin secretion; it stimulates prolactin release in the domestic turkey.It causes coronary vasodilation as well as having a positive inotropic and chronotropic effect. VIP plays a key role in communication between individual brain cells within the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN). Further, VIP is also involved in synchronizing the timing of SCN function with the environmental light-dark cycle.


0.5 pg/ml

detection range

2.4-10000 pg/ml

sample type

Serum, plasma

pack size

1x96 Wells

Assay time

2.0 h

Principle of the Elisa




Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen

Menge 1x96 Wells
Hersteller BioAim Scientific
Herstellerland Kanada
Sensitivity 0.5 pg/ml
Specific Against Mouse
Antigen Name vasoactive intestinal peptide
Detection Range 2.4-10000 pg/ml


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