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Human Gastrin EasyTestTM competitive ELISA kit

Product Code: BAS-2010014

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

Human Gastrin EasyTestTM competitive ELISA kit

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Human Gastrin EasyTestTM competitive ELISA kit


BioAim Scientific (Kanada)

short description

The BioAim human Gastrin EasyTestTM Competitive ELISA kit can quantitatively measure Gastrin in human serum or plasma. Other matrices, such as urine and tissue, may be suitable but have not been validated. It is a simple and rapid technology for the quantitation of antigen in a range of sample matrices. The whole process takes 2 hours with high accuracy and precision.
Research Area Peptide hormone;

specific against


detection target

Background: Gastrin is a peptide hormone that stimulates secretion of gastric acid (HCl) by the parietal cells of the stomach and aids in gastric motility. It is released by G cells in the pyloric antrum of the stomach, duodenum, and the pancreas. It is secreted into the bloodstream. Gastrin is found primarily in three forms: gastrin-34 (“big gastrin”), gastrin-17 (“little gastrin”), gastrin-14 (“minigastrin”). Gastrin binds to cholecystokinin B receptors to stimulate the release of histamines in enterochromaffin-like cells, and it induces the insertion of K+/H+ ATPase pumps into the apical membrane of parietal cells (which in turn increases H+ release into the stomach cavity). This is the major stimulus for acid secretion by parietal cells. Along with the above-mentioned function, gastrin has been shown to have additional functions as well: stimulates parietal cell maturation and fundal growth, Causes chief cells to secrete pepsinogen, the zymogen (inactive) form of the digestive enzyme pepsin, increases antral muscle mobility and promotes stomach contractions, strengthens antral contractions against the pylorus, and constricts the pyloric sphincter, which diminishes the rate of gastric emptying, plays a role in the relaxation of the ileocecal valve, induces pancreatic secretions and gallbladder emptying.




18 pg/ml

detection range

2.4-10000 pg/ml

sample type

Serum, plasma

pack size

1x96 Wells

Assay time

2.0 h

Principle of the Elisa




Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen

Menge 1x96 Wells
Hersteller BioAim Scientific
Herstellerland Kanada
Sensitivity 18 pg/ml
Specific Against Human
Antigen Name gastrin
Detection Range 2.4-10000 pg/ml
Alias GAS


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