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and the most popular subtypes like CD2+

CD2 Gene ID 914
CD2 Official Full Name CD2 molecule
CD2 Alias T11, LFA-2, SRBC-R, Erythrocyte receptor, LFA-3R
CD2 Cellular Expression T; B; NK; monocytes
CD2 Ligand/Receptor/Association CD58, CD59 and CD15
CD2 Function Adhesion between T-cells and other cell types and T-cell activation.
CD2 Summary CD2 is a surface antigen of the human T-lymphocyte lineage that is expressed on all peripheral blood T cells (summarized by Sewell et al., 1986 [PubMed 3490670]). It is one of the earliest T-cell markers, being present on more than 95% of thymocytes; it is also found on some natural killer cells but not on B lymphocytes. Monoclonal antibodies directed against CD2 inhibit the formation of rosettes with sheep erythrocytes, indicating that CD2 is the erythrocyte receptor or is closely associated with it.[supplied by OMIM, Jul 2010]


All relevant products for CD2 and CD2+

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  • Human CD7 ELISA Pair Set

    Sensitivity: The minimum detectable dose of Human RSV Fusion Glycoprotein / RSV-F was determined to be approximately 125 pg/ml. This is defined as at least three times standard deviations above the mean optical density of 10 replicates of the zero standard.
    Detection: 125 pg/ml
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